"Customers Now Expect Tradies To Be Tidier Than Ever Before"

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Small size (6-8)


Medium size (8-10)


Large size (10-12)


Extra large size (12-15)


Reusable Boot Covers.


Non slip sole for extra safety.


Long lasting!


Worn by the leading trade professionals of Australia.


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When it comes to customer service, it's the small things that count. Smart tradies wearing work boot covers, avoid getting off on the wrong foot with their customers. Order a pair today and see for yourself!

Messy Careless Tradie Tidy Professional Tradie

Messy Careless Tradie

Tidy Professional Tradie

All sizes are only

$26.99 a pair.

Plumber Work Mat

Another great product is the Tidy Tradie - Work Mat.

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When working in big expensive homes, I used to think it was professional to take off my boots before entering the clients home, but was reluctant to do so for safety reasons. Plus I didn't like being caught out wearing my old socks. Imagine the clients smile, when they open the front door and see me wearing a pair of Clean Boot covers. Now I always get greeted nicely and I feel safer keeping my boots on. Highly recommended!

Tony - Sydney

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